3 Killer Instinct & Balance Combinations on the Heavybag

3 Killer Instinct & Balance Combinations on the Heavybag

Killer Instinct & Balance Training
on the Heavy Bag in Thailand

Whether it comes to the ability to defend or to attack, Muay Thai is highly dependent on balance & instinct. [If you want to look like a technical professional that is. . .]

Although we pride ourselves on the “in your face” within the Art of 8 Limbs style of fighting, the subtle adjustments in distance create room for different weapons. Different strokes for different folks and we’ve got all the strokes that you will ever want & need *Raises Eyebrow*.

These three drills put every aspect of traditional Muay Thai together; proper balance ensuring the ability to attack or defend from all ranges dependent on what the opponent gives you. After kicking, your opponent has three options to respond with:

A.) Advance and Attack

B.) Hold Ground

C.) Retreat

Each option creates a different range between you and your opponent. These three drills will train your balance and get you instinctually ready to respond at each distance.

Enjoy & Scroll Past the Video After Watching for Additional Information.

Drill 01: Kick and Teep [Long Range] Attack & Defend
Drill 02: Kick and Knee [Mid Range] Attack & Stab
Drill 03: Kick, Wall Block, and Elbow [Short Range] Attack, Defend, & Cut

Taught by: Richi Alvarez. MAXX Muay Thai Fighter, Khongsittha Gym Bangkok.
You can follow Richi’s journey in Thailand on Instagram

Why drill on the heavy bag?

Stimulus and repetition. Although it may be tricky to figure out at first, it is much safer to get the brain firing at the appropriate distance for each weapon whilst using the heavy bag. Error in the ring costs us precious brain cells, something I have been weary of for some time now.

If you have trustworthy sparring partners to drill with, that may be your best option, but the bag will be there to serve whichever purpose you assign it, and for as long as you wish it to do serve that purpose. Training the eye as the bag swings, stimulating the distance between you and a human target is the purpose of the above drills.

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