3 Muay Thai Blogs Worth Reading

3 Muay Thai Blogs Worth Reading

If you are reading this, you are already either a Muay Thai addict, fan, or supporter of someone in the sport. No matter which of the three you are, you want honest, real, and entertaining content. Sometimes content that you may find controversial, nonetheless it sparks conversation among our strong community. I condensed this article to feature 3 Muay Thai blogs worth reading as it becomes tough to follow all of the pages out there at once. They were chosen based on their content, but what makes them truly special are the writers. These three sites should feed all of your educational needs, hunger for entertainment, and addiction to the beautifully violent sport of Muay Thai.

1. MyMuayThai.com

MyMuayThai is a site that does an amazing job at staying up to date with various things going on in the Muay Thai world. From current fights around the US and Thailand, to technique videos. The website has a ton of entertaining  and informational content. Not to mention a number of controversial posts stirring up talk in the Muay Thai community by blogger Laura Dal Farra of MilkBlitzStreetBomb.com. Laura is a straight shooter. She covers topics that no one else seems to have the cajones to talk about, including sex and the dark parts of Muay Thai and Thailand.

MyMuayThai.com – Kevin Ross Pad Porn

2. Muay-Thai-Guy.com

A Muay Thai source like no other. Tons of free technique videos, workouts, guides and more. Muay Thai Guy also offers in depth guides for a small price, as well as video series. The website has over whoismuaythaiguy70 podcast episodes with the biggest names in Muay Thai like Kevin Ross, Simon Marcus, and John Wayne Parr. Oh, and myself of course ==> Muay Thai Podcast #73. Sean Fagan is the owner and one man army that runs the website, I met him at a local fight event when he had 300 followers on his page, which quickly became over 300,000+. Besides Muay-Thai-Guy.com being a great website, you are getting information from a legitimately true fighter and a sincerely good human being.

3. 8limbs.us

A blog based on a fighter’s journey to fight 100 times in Thailand. Not only is it an inspirational site, but a blog that covers all the experiences and beauties that come with living in Thailand as a westerner, a westerner woman at that! There seems to be a common theme among all three writers. Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu, the owner and dream chaser that runs the website, is no different from Sean in the fact that she is a legitimately true human being who has chased her own dreams, inspiring others to do the same.C2D9A0522B967835307733037056_pic-r-13737240614700af60f35d0.jpg_tm7GbdqsFRGlzg401iGWW_Jm796WdAn7ylaez76pXrWM3YhNG1LhTQIoLJaJM2eK

Today we begin forging our bodies and strengthening our minds.

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    1. Thank you for the inspiration, maybe I’ll see you out there as I am moving for a long period of time next year. Keep up the great work and share if possible. Wai! Much appreciated

  1. Hey Paul,

    Great to be recognized by you. I love what you are trying to do here, and nice to see you vlogging too. Here’s to us having a great 2016, reaching higher and further as fighters and writers.

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