3 Shadow Boxing Tips to Achieve Perfection

3 Shadow Boxing Tips to Achieve Perfection

The Overlooked Sharpening Tool

Shadow boxing is the traditional warm-up within most gyms that you come across whether it is Muay Thai, Boxing, or MMA. Shadow boxing is often underutilized and overlooked by trainers.

“Okay 5 minutes, go shadow box, get warm”

That is the typical instruction you will hear without any proper training, however, shadow boxing is an art within itself. Here is a video followed by 3 easy shadow boxing tips to take your training to the next level:


ADD is a plague that even reaches our Muay Thai gyms. You will often see people spacing out as their hands are moving in half the range of motion of an actual punch.

Shadow boxing, is a transition phase. It is your time to shift away from the stresses of everyday life and bring your focus to training. As you shadow box, visualize how the arena looks, the movement of your opponent, the temperature within the room, the screaming fans, the smell of the Thai liniment, the counters, and the openings.

If you go through this process every time you train, it will be as if you have already been in the fight multiple times.









Fighters neglect to do a lot of restorative work. Beating up a body is essentially our job, with this comes achy and stiff joints. I would consider myself as one of the least flexible people in the world, however, I strategically use shadow boxing as a form of mobility work before each training session.


Make sure to take your punches through their full range of motion as you would in a fight or in sparring. Once again use it as fight simulation. Not only will this be repetition of technique for you, but it will also help with joint mobility later on in the session.

Intensity and Perfection

Use these few minutes to perfect every step of whatever punch, kick or combination you have been drilling with your coach. Ask yourself, am I turning the hip? is my body centered or is it off balance? Is my other hand up when I throw the cross?

Increase the intensity as you go, while still making sure to execute the technique with perfection. In slow motion we may remember to bring each hand up to protect us, but as other stressors are added there is more room for error. Drill perfection, repeat perfection, and you will be as close to perfection as possible when you step in the ring.

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