3 Shadow Boxing Tips to SPEED Up Your Progress

3 Shadow Boxing Tips to SPEED Up Your Progress

Shadow Boxing Tips: the Focus that You Might Be Missing

(Notes & Additional Tips Below the Video)

Starting today, your mind will be in a tactical state throughout each training session. Your shadow boxing will now be the most important part of your training; evolving throughout the session as you progress to the heavy bag, pads and ultimately sparring all focused around your goal for the day.

I hope that you enjoy and learn from this visual breakdown. It will provide you with an approach to shadow boxing that will never feel boring or useless to you ever again:

Introduction to Dynamic Shadow Boxing 

Lesson Notes and Tips

1. Set a Goal for the Training Session  

Think about the last few weeks of training. What have been your most limiting movements? Perhaps you have had a hard time keeping your balance whilst throwing & retracting the teep. Do you have more difficulty moving one way versus the other?

Make a mental note of this, state your goal for the day (we’ll use footwork and balance in this case) and focus on just this one thing. Detach yourself from everything else including kicking technique, head movement etc.

Let your body flow while you maintain proper distance and balance, avoid crossing your feet, and maintain good footwork mechanics. Moving right? “Right foot first” Moving back? Tell yourself, “back foot first, maintain authoritative structure and balance”.

2. Visualize (the Glove is Now Your Target)

Stay outside of punching range. That is your space, you enter it at your discretion. Keep a teep distance away from the glove. The glove begins at your center, but as you strike, you align your strikes with the centerline of the glove as you take your head off of it. (ie. picture your right shoulder aligned with the glove as your head is to its left)

You now have a focus point to angle around. Are your feet positioned correctly after you move? Do you feel like you are punching past your hips to hit the target? Do you feel off balance? Slow it down. Adjust. Add more reps. Increase the speed of the movement, start with your feet, and test again.

As you advance, visualize various strikes coming in your direction. Always be in a position to check, lean back or catch a kick. Always in the right position to block, parry or slip the punches. Play with distance – start within the teep and kick range, adjust and faint your way into punching range, transition to clinch range and back out.

3. Create Perfection  

A perfect jab can completely freeze and break an explosive five-hit pattern/combination. Increase speed only when you are in the positions listed above – in a position to attack and defend from both sides of your body. This is your time. . . to take your time, to create a new reality within your mind.

Create perfection. If you miss (which you should as you are boxing a shadow of yourself) allow yourself to follow through with the kick and recover the correct way; that is true perfection. All of your strikes will come from Point A (where you weapon lies in your stance) to Point B (your target) and straight back to Point A.

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