3 Tricky & Devastating Counters Out of the Shell

3 Tricky & Devastating Counters Out of the Shell

3 Tricky & Devastating Counters Out of the Shell | Defend & Attack

Successfully baiting the shell enables a fighter to become comfortable in setting up combinations. A proper shell, however, integrates devastating counters built within its defense.

Here are 3 devastating examples of how you can counter your opponent out of the shell:

Technique #1: Shell Parry – Counter Liver Kick

Parry the incoming punch utilizing your shell followed by a directional parry with the hand (or forearm) shifting your opponent’s weight towards the liver kick counter.

Technique #2: Shell Parry – Counter Knee to the Liver

Same concept as Technique #1 but increasingly effective against aggressive opponents. Directional parry, opposite hand posting both to defend & to pull the body into the knee.

Technique #3: Ride the Punch & Counter Hook

Keeping the shell intact, pull with the incoming punch with your chin down (keeping the core tight) soften into your rear leg and spring back for the counter lead hook.

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