3 Tricky Kick Fakes by Kru Pot (Quick Tips)

3 Tricky Kick Fakes by Kru Pot (Quick Tips)

3 Kick Fakes to Trick Your Opponent with Kru Pot in 60 Seconds

The kick could become as much of a setup technique as the jab for some fighters. As with any fundamental technique, your opponent must respect your weapon before you can sell the fake; the follow up to the fake is actually the easy part of this technique. The most important part of this chain is a smooth and effortless transition between the fake, the sell, and the follow-up technique. As Kru Pot instructs within the video, you “show the kick with the same style”.

#1 Fake Kick – Push Kick (Teep)

#2 Fake Kick – Forward Knee

#3 Fake Kick – Explosive Cross

Try these technique options out and come back to let us know which one you favor the most within the comments:

Kru Pot is infamous for his clinch work with fighters such as Saenchai during his time as a trainer at Sinbi Muay Thai Gym. He now owns his own gym in Phuket – Phuket King Muay Thai. I highly recommend his camp if you are traveling to Phuket, Thailand.

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