A Limitless Life – Candice “Crush” Mitchell – Turning Pro at 34

A Limitless Life Series – Episode 1 – Quitting Work & Turning Pro at 34

Imagine every obstacle in the way of your true potential, imagine the barriers that are keeping you stuck in your home town – away from those who are on the same mission as you, away from those who understand you, your every thought and need – now imagine all of these barriers being lifted. Becoming a professional athlete at the age of 34 would deem as a difficult obstacle to some, working in the corporate world places a limit on most, and training amongst mainly men as a female fighter would be an intimidating experience to practically all.

Full Episode [Article Below] – A “Limitless Life” Feat. Candice “Crush Mitchell.

Candice “Crush” Mitchell (8-2 Professional Muay Thai), 35, was not exempt to these obstacles, limits, and sources of intimidation, but what she was. . . was relentless.

  1.  re·lent·less
    oppressively constant; incessant.

    synonyms: persistent, continuing, constant, continual, continuous, nonstop, never-ending, unabating, interminable, incessant,

Candice quit her 9-5 corporate job at the age of 34 to become a professional athlete and to live and train in Thailand. A year later she has built a professional record of 8-2, earning multiple titles, and taking her spot on the National Canadian team.

“Crush” is currently a member of the professional fight team at Phuket Top Team in Thailand. She aims to use this journey’s experience as a modeling example to up-and-coming fighters – regardless of their age, ethnicity, or experience. A walking example of the Limitless Lifesyle.

As I spoke to Candice on a personal level, we went over a number of topics including the possible induction of Muay Thai into the Olympics. It is a high hope for every Muay Thai athlete and coach, but as a fighter we are well aware that father time begins to catch up with our bodies of work. [If all goes as planned the sport will have its debut in the 2024 Olympics]. As I begin to express my excitement to train fighters for this historic event, Candice quickly replied:

“Coach fighters? You should be in there yourself. . . you will only be 32. Shit, if I can still move I will be there, they will have to create special rules to keep me out of there.”

[A statement made about a possible Olympic run at 42 years of age.]

WMC Championship at the King’s Cup in Thailand – Muay Thai Photographer

You can quickly see Candice’s confidence in her skill and athleticism, not only in the result of her fights, but in her movement and in the story that she paints inside of the ring. This is often the case with talented fighters, but the violent story that is painted is not a violent vision at all. . . all that you have to do is listen, listen in on the thoughts and philosophies of these athletes on a personal level.

Candice is a kind soul that keeps herself humble, all balanced with a ferocity that she displays and encompasses within the ring. The perfect example of this can be seen below as she knocks out her opponent within the first minute of the fight [her second fight that night] instantly showing the humility that many can take example from.

Skip to 1:50 to get to the beginning of the fight, live video and commentary by the one and only Sylvie Von Duuglas:



Candice aims to challenge herself and to continue this journey of self-improvement in an attempt to help the sport of Muay Thai grow, all with an emphasis on creating opportunities for female fighters. During our conversations it was apparent how strongly she felt about the representation that many fighters deserve, but rarely receive. The money and opportunities will never come, if we continue to keep quiet and put our bodies on the line regardless.

We may be fortunate enough to do what we do, but our worth is greater than we often receive. These are all conversations that have opened up neural pathways within my brain in which I am taking a second look at my own career and how I am being represented. The more that we receive, the more that we can give back to this sport to help it grow, those who want to keep it suppressed, often are only thinking about the piece that they already own. They are attempting to keep a large piece of a very small pie, versus taking the effort to bake a larger pie for everyone to enjoy.

With each person’s story comes a new perspective, thoughts stimulated and problems discussed that may otherwise never have been addressed. There is no blueprint to a Limitless Life, but stories like the one we read here today serve as an example. Breaking limits, obstacles, and sources of intimidation, ultimately leading to self fulfillment, and ultimately peace & happiness.

Candice “Crush” Mitchell – A Modeled Example of the Limitless Mindset.

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The “Limitless Life”
video series features stories from my personal past and present; created to inspire, educate, and motivate others to live a life that is free of limits. Limits placed upon us by society, by our environment, family and even ourselves. Some episodes will feature special personalities who model this lifestyle and mindset, others will be provided from personal experience and study.
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