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You can take a look through my accolades below, but what I really want you to learn about is the vision, story and mission behind the creation of MuayThaiTechnician.com and the Online Striking Academy

I have created these sources of content as a high-quality training resource aimed at students of all levels. From beginner to pro. It was created for those who may not have access to top tier trainers, for those who lack structure in their training, and most importantly, for those who don’t regularly receive the personal, detailed instruction needed to learn and become confident in themselves and their training.

I never had a bias to my teaching or learning style. I am a straight numbers guy who has paid close attention to simply what works, how often it works, when it works, and when it simply doesn’t. I have always done my ultimate best to never limit my training or coaching to a particular style – keeping my mind open to all tried and true methods.

I worked at this by training, living and fighting in Central Thailand (Bangkok), Southern Thailand, Northern Thailand, North America and Europe. I have lived inside the gym for months at a time sharing a bunk bed with other fighters, on a couch in the office while training and teaching 14 hour days, and on a few occasions, I treated myself to a nice house with a view. 

I have played with as many styles as I was exposed to and stepped into each gym with an open mind. Living, training and learning for not just days or weeks, but for months and years in each location before formulating a real opinion on what was taught. 

Despite stepping into the ring over 50 times and training with a number of top trainers around the world, I have never been a fast learner. 

This is the main reason why I traveled the globe in hopes of learning from the best in each category of striking. Learning the clinch from Kru Pot and Kru Namsaknoi, Muay Thai scoring from as many Thai trainers as I can, introducing myself to boxing through the Golden Gloves, and eventually moving to Thailand where I have spent the majority of the last 6 years – studying the material over and over again to further understand the art. 

My mission is to make this process easier for you, to relay the information in a way that clicks and to cover every aspect of your training, lifestyle and personal development. Whatever your problem, there’s a high chance that I’ve been there!

Join the community and let’s have a chat!

Career Accolades: 

  • Muay Thai Professional Record 21-3-1 [15 KOs]
  • Overall Record 44-9-2 [29 KOs]
  • Reached #2 and #3 Ranking via WBC / WMO / WMC
  • WMC International Champion
  • WBC North American Champion
  • Coached Training Camps & Seminars in the US, Costa Rica, England, and Thailand. 
  • 2x Muay Thai World Champion
  • 4x North American National Champion
  • 2x 175 lb Amateur Glory Rules Champion
  • 205 lb AKBF Champion
  • Golden Glove Boxing Finalist (No Contest in Finals)
  • Competed in Thailand 20x, Spain 3x, Madison Square Garden 3x, New York City, Atlantic City, and Lion Fight Promotions.
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Pro Muay Thai Fight Team Coach and Group Class Instructor

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