Anytime that I pursued aspirations that my heart did not ache for, it was a hard lesson learned. After spending three long years in school as a future medical professional I realized I wasn’t helping others to my true potential. The relationships weren’t deep enough, they were put to the side the second I unlocked the med cart and passed out obscene amounts of medication. All of the education I received was based on pharmaceutical treatment of symptoms and never the person.

Get to know Paul Banasiak in this Piece by Fighting Stance Media:
“Reaping the Rewards of Hard Work”

1928929_10154610745623496_7874168331839297596_nI felt like I was only breathing. I wanted to be living with a purpose. I immersed myself in the field of health and exercise (Current Major). I trained my mind and body as a Thai boxer,  fueled them both with mindful nutrition, and found my purpose through Muay Thai, fitness, my clients, and the positive energy I surrounded myself with.

I have always believed health, success, and happiness are paved by the power of our mind. I am here to set a new standard. My experiences have led me to a number of achievements and a limitless lifestyle. My choices have given me the flexibility to pursue my passion, to love what I do, to travel the world, and to create an experience for you to witness through the Muay Thai Athlete blog.

I want you to become a part of this movement. To become limitless and free of any boundaries the world, the people around you, life, and you have placed upon yourself. I am your catalyst in making a shift in your mindset no one was able to do before.

-Professional Record 5-0 [2 KOs]
-Overall Record 28-3-1 [14 KOs]
-2x Muay Thai World Champion
-4x North American National Champion
-2x 175 lb Glory Rules Champion
-205 lb AKBF Champion
-Golden Glove Boxing Finalist (No Contest in Finals)
-Competed in Thailand (7-0 | 5 KOs), Spain (3-0 | 2 KOs), Madison Square Garden, New York City, Atlantic City, and Lion Fight Promotions.
-NASM Certified Personal Trainer
-Muay Thai Fight Team Coach and Group Class Instructor
-Host of the “Muay Thai Guys” Podcast alongside Muay Thai Guy Sean Fagan

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