“Anyone! Anywhere!” Nokweed Davy Muay Thai Highlight

“Anyone! Anywhere!” Nokweed Davy Muay Thai Highlight

Golden Era Champion Nokweed Davy Muay Thai Tribute

A Tribute to the Golden Era Legend Nokweed Davy. A man who embodied the “Anyone. . . Anywhere!” attitude.

Rest in Peace & Paradise (1965-2016)

On Screen Writing:

“A silent legend was born into dreadful poverty. One who would ultimately bring great pride to his family name.

Nokweed Davy would become a feared kicker, a 3x Rajadamnern Stadium Champion and WMC 147 lb champion who took on opponent’s so far above his weight class, no real athletic commission would sanction in our current time. But of course, in Japan, there are exceptions. . .

107 KG 235 lbs) Jerome Le Banner vs. 74 KG (162 lb) Nokweed Davy

Nokweed also fought the famous Sagat in Japan to a draw, a fight many deemed as a win for Nokweed on Thai scoring criteria.

Nokweed’s nickname “Lord of Spirits”, brought a fearsome ring to his name inside of the ring, and a heartwarming connotation to his soul outside of it. Nokweed passed away at the age of 51 doing what he loved. He instructed students of all levels, including professional fighters that he once fought against.

In recent years, tragedy struck again as his nephew, Lotus Davy, was in an accident, temporarily losing motor function in his limbs. Three surgeries later his body has begun to gain strength back. Now taking care of him is Nokweed’s brother Santos Davy, a champion and veteran of 400+ fights himself who still teaches with the same, hard Bangkok style in Thailand.

To commemorate the golden era of Muay Thai and Nokweed’s success, you can now keep a piece of history with the “Lord of Spirits” Tee.”

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