Chopping the Rear Leg – TKO Technique

Chopping the Rear Leg – TKO Technique

This knockout technique is something I go to when an opponent is quickly checking using his front leg, has a laid back style using a lot of teeps and lazy jabs, or is a heavy handed fighter with a heavier base and tight guard. I know you are saying, “knockout with the low kick?” Well. . . technical knockout, unless they somehow are pumping so much blood into the site of inflammation on their leg that they go completely out.

Anyways! This video gives you all the ins and outs of executing the technique in your next sparring session or fight, but as always. . . THERE’S MORE! Read the notes below the video to enhance your understanding.

Although this technique is possible when facing an opponent of the same stance, it is much more devastating against one of the opposite stance. Such as an orthodox boxer facing a south paw or vice versa.

Thai fighters are often heavier in their rear leg, and if they are using the teep or front check often, 100% of their weight is in that rear leg  making it susceptible to be hit. The rear leg is also usually much less conditioned to being hit, try it out and you will be able to tell. Remember that drilling this with a partner or in sparring will be your KEY to SUCCESS.

In the same stance match up, the switch kick is utilized to kick the rear leg or the need for a fake comes into play (Technique Coming Soon!)

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