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  1. Hey Paul! Man thanks so much for all that you’re doing for the sport and for us muay thai fanatics in the USA. The TMTG podcast is a part of my life almost daily at this point. Shit man, you guys probably have a bunch of us really counting on your content these days! 🙂 Anyway… man, I’m in a real bind as my love of muay thai and my practice of the art progresses it’s begun to compete with my work and my responsibilities at home. I’m a husband and father of two (3yrs & 6mos). I’d surely be interested to hear you and Sean talk about the balancing act that it takes to maintain a muay thai lifestyle while keeping all the other shit going in your life (websites, your clients, podcasts, personal relationships, etc etc). It’s gotta be as tough for you guys as it is for the rest of us. Thanks again for all your offerings brother. They mean a lot. Kop Kun Krap! Sawaddee Kap!

  2. Kru,

    I have been living out in Hawaii for the past 7 years and have been training at Horizons Muay Thai on Maui for the past several months. I will be moving to the North East in August. I haven’t picked my location yet but I am set on moving near a gym where I can focus on Muay Thai. I don’t know very much about the programs and gyms out there. I am looking to move somewhere between Connecticut and the New Hampshire state line in Massachusetts. I found you online and I’m certainly impressed with your philosophy and program. I’d greatly appreciate any information and advice regarding finding a good school and what opportunities are available in that area. I’m sure you are quite busy but I will make myself available if you have time for a conversation. I can be reached at (808) 298-6303. Also, feel free to email me at david.paul.hailey@gmail.com

    Respect and Aloha,

    David Hailey

  3. What up bros. 5 star review wouldn’t go through on I tunes. I just wanted to thank you guys for the work and training you put in. BTW Reaper, sick performance@ Lionfight. You put on a hell of a show and fought tough. I discovered Muay Thai Guys Podcast 2 weeks ago and am now hooked. My name is Ryan I am a 29 year old father of 2(a toddler and newborn). I work as a Paramedic for the Baltimore County Fire Department in Maryland. I have dabbled between BJJ and Muay Thai for the past two years, now fully focused on Muay Thai. Training consistency and time management has been my biggest issue with getting a late start in the sport. With the help of your podcast I am proud to say I now have a clear, calculated training schedule. I plan to train Muay Thai 3x per week with strength, conditioning, roadwork, heavy bag another 3 days. The content on your podcast was able to help me prioritize and realize my training goals. I hope find some amateur fights within the year. I can hop in the car tune to ur podcast and be linked to Thai culture and training that I would otherwise be blind to. Your stories and podcasts from Thailand are appreciated by those of us that can’t travel freely. Again thanks and keep up the good work. You are 2 real ass dudes. I know ur not getting crazy rich off this, but your passion is helping spread the sport and culture. I look forward to seeing your guys fights and listening to the podcast. Boom

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