How to Correctly Catch a Kick and Counter

How to Correctly Catch a Kick and Counter

Catching the Kick – Subtle Modification to Reach Perfection

Catching the kick is something that is often taught in an inefficient way. Although a basic step and catch can work against low level competition, as we progress it becomes a bad habit.

Experienced opponents will use a wall block or easily fidget their way out of the catch. In adaptation to this, we have to use subtle modifications to make our competition aware of a tight defense. As we explained in our “Defend with Authority Tutorial Video”, having tight defensive technique ensures easy counters and a lot of hesitation from the opposition.

The most important step in landing a good sweep or counter after catching a kick is by having strong control of the opponent’s leg. Here is how to gain control of your opponent’s biggest weapon in addition to a number of finishing counters:

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