Defend and Return Drill by Justin Greskiewicz

Defend and Return Drill by Justin Greskiewicz

Defend and Return. The Perfect Recipe.

In last week’s tutorial video WBC champion Justin Greskiewicz showed us how to avoid punches all together using a broken rhythm during our combinations.

Although this happens in an ideal situation, times come where we are forced to cover in an attempt to defend an onslaught.

This week’s technique and drill will get your brain firing, your counters flowing, and your opponent thinking twice about hitting you:

Key Points to Remember

  • Turn into the punch or kick, BUT defend well. Slightly sink your weight to let the hook brush off the top of your gloves versus taking the full shot.
  • The key point above will enable you to fire from the same side and keep your balance. The counter must be quick, let the impact on your glove (if punching) or your shin (if kicked) be like a button. As soon as you feel touch, return with the counter punch or kick.
  • Practice with a partner and get your repetition in. By the time you get into sparring or the ring, it should be on automatic. Don’t be the fighter who eats shots without returning. Win each and every round, make them think twice about hitting you.

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Today we begin forging our bodies and
strengthening our minds.

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