Fake Teep Rear Knee Tutorial Video

Fake Teep Rear Knee Tutorial Video

Faking the Teep, Reaping the Soul

What’s worse then getting teeped in the stomach? Getting kneed in the chest. A well executed knee could paralyze the diaphragm, leaving your opponent lifeless on the canvas.

I have personally used this to gain six finishes, each time knowing my opponent won’t get up from the count. I want you to be able to do the same! Watch the video below and read the notes to gain a better understanding:

Key Points to Remember

-Get your opponent “comfortable” with your push kick. If he feels comfortable knowing that it’s coming this is the perfect opportunity to fake it for the knee.

-Aim for the chest. As the opponent bends over you want to avoid hitting him down low or on the hip which often happens when aiming at the stomach. By aiming high for the chest, the worst case scenario is that you do catch him in the abdominal area.

-Get your lead foot to the outside of your opponents body. This enables your rear knee to be center line with your opponents body, and for you to be in a safer zone.


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