Fight of the Week 13 – Tyrone Spong vs Melvin Manhoef

Fight of the Week 13 – Tyrone Spong vs Melvin Manhoef

Tyrone Spong vs Melvin Manhoef

I believe this fight is a must to look back to. Not only because it features two huge names within the sport, but because we can take away a lot of key points from this fight. Melvin has full highlight videos of him facing taller and bigger guys, most of them left lifeless on the canvas.

Watch as Tyrone Spong uses the switch left kick to nullify Manhoef’s powerful right hand, returns every kick to make him hesitate, and stalks forward, but never too aggressively. Always aware and ready to defend on the offense. It is a beauty to watch if you are looking for these hidden techniques.

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