Fight of the Week 5 – Farida Okiko vs Gemma
Tiger Muay Thai Fighter

Fight of the Week 5 – Farida Okiko vs Gemma

Women are taking over! The fight of the week comes from Chalong Boxing Stadium. I chose this fight because of the high-level performance put on by both fighters. Farida Okiko of Tiger Muay Thai, 5x Champion, takes on Gemma of AKA Thailand.

Both women show a high level of athleticism, power, technique, and heart making the fight very entertaining to both technicians and those who love to see two fighters trading hard shots.

Farida is an amazing Muay Thai fighter that has a strong rear kick and knows how to fight very well going backwards, facing off again Gemma who stalks her throughout the fight. See who takes the win, in a clash of styles:

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