Fight of the Week 9 – Buakaw vs Khayal Dzhaniev

Fight of the Week 9 – Buakaw vs Khayal Dzhaniev

This is the best video quality uploaded of this week’s fight. Buakaw has been in some very close fights recently and this one was no different. Dzhaniev comes out fiercly with elbows in the first round, making it a bloody show, however, Buakaw turns it up in the remaining rounds in an attempt to take back what’s his.

Do you think Buakaw underestimated the less experienced fighter?


I believe that it was just a matter of time. Buakaw fighting so often, against so many different styles, under different rules. Eventually you get caught, however, I do believe Buakaw did enough to steal back the show. What do you think? Share on Facebook let us know your opinion, help to keep the conversation going and the sport growing!



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