Float Tank Experience – A Limitless Life Vlog #1

Float Tank Experience – A Limitless Life Vlog #1

Float Tank Therapy – My Experience and Review. Phuket, Thailand.

I first heard about the float tank [also known as a deprivation chamber] on the Joe Rogan Podcast and through a number of my friends. In an age of over-stimulation, we have to have methods of getting away from it. . . but how?

Even when I attempt to meditate, it is often interrupted by sound and sensation, an uncomfortable feeling. . . what the floatation tank effectively does is completely numbing to your senses, enhancing the creative hemisphere of your brain to reach a THETA state.

Recently, I have been on a constant move with big decisions weighing on my mind. So today, I put the float tank to the test, got in the body of water containing 500KG of magnesium sulfate, and gave you guys my thoughts before and after the experience.

You will get to witness the process and get talked through the basic procedure before heading out on your own float:

The establishment listed a full page of possible benefits of floating,
instead, here is what I personally experienced:
  • Muscle Relaxation, Truly No Effort Needed
  • Relaxation of the Mind
  • Uncomfortable Humidity that Dissipated After 15 Minutes or So
  • A Feeling of Presence
  • A State of Calmness for the Rest of the Day
  • A Reset and More Focused Thought Patterns

Paul Banasiak is a Muay Thai fighter/addict, 9x champion, trainer, and fitness professional currently living, training, and fighting in Thailand. After leaving medical school without looking back, he decided to fully follow his passion of helping others become the best version of themselves, creating MuayThaiAthlete.com. A website for those who are already passionate individuals that want to take their life,mindset&training to the next level. 

Today we begin forging our bodies and
strengthening our limitless minds.

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