Garcia Knockout Boxing Sequence | Boxing Tutorial Split 1-2 KO

Garcia Knockout Boxing Sequence | Boxing Tutorial Split 1-2 KO

Jab – Split Cross Knockout Combination [Video Tutorial]

Cover Photo: Joe Camporeale – USA TODAY Sports

The split jab – cross sequence has been one of those nasty combinations I have seen pulled off in the boxing gym many of times, but rarely have I seen it deployed elsewhere. I believe that it is an underutilized sequence that is as fundamental as the one – two punch combination itself.

The stunning effect of splitting the jab creates an opening and angle for a free shot to follow up. Lowering your weight as you split the jab with your own punch increases the chances that the opponent’s head pops back, the movement of the split itself creates an angle for the cross to go straight through the side of the chin – the perfect trajectory of a knockout shot.

As I watched Danny Garcia floor Rios with this sequence, I knew that it would become something worth talking about. . . Yet! The public still seemed to miss its beauty as a simple, yet masterful finish.

In this video we quickly break down the sequence after a short highlight of its real world application. A great follow up to finish this combination in Kickboxing or Muay Thai, would be the step through switch kick.

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