Striking Academy Donation Program


Our “Give and Get Program” comes at no additional cost to you. Your choice in giving back to at-risk youth and to a community in need during the current COVID-19 epidemic actually gives back in more ways than one. 

How does it Work?

It’s easy. Simply sign up for your Striking Academy membership as you normally would. We will donate 50% of every new membership for a period of three month for those who sign up between now and June 15th. As a big thank you for giving back to the community, you will be grandfathered in for life at our biggest discount to date! Only $19.95 (33% OFF the regular price).

Where exactly will these donations be going & what will they be used for?

The donations will be split between Wor. Watthana (a gym orphanage for at-risk youth in the poverty stricken region of Isaan, Thailand), the gyms that they sponsor in the region as well as the local community – providing them with food, supplies, and other essentials. 

Wor. Watthana is currently building an additional (safe) home for the orphaned children to stay together, to stay off the streets and to be given opportunities that they would never be exposed to otherwise. (Read more about the reality of their conditions below)

We will keep you updated with photos of the kids and stories of those who are receiving aid from the program within the Striking Academy Facebook group.

Kru “BOOM” Watthana will be adding to the library with a few video lessons of his own! Here you can see the disciplined training that the kids are provided with while still getting to play and be kids!


“If you’re born into a Thai village, chances are you’re in a fight from the moment you enter the world. You’re fighting fate – a merciless opponent who’s defeated generation after generation before you. A fate that offers a childhood of drugs, alcohol, gang violence and even rape. And if you make it to adulthood, fate then offers you menial employment or a life of crime. Very few children have the strength to defy the odds and change their fate. But that’s what people like Frances and Boom want to change.


Both professional Muay Thai fighters, Canadian born Frances and Thai local, Boom, met over a decade ago in Bangkok. On a visit to Boom’s village, Issan, the two witnessed all the negative influences engulfing the lives of local kids. This experience wasn’t forgotten. After five years away from Issan, Frances and Boom realized nothing was ever going to change unless someone made it happen. So, after first uniting in marriage, the two joined forces for another cause: to change young lives forever.

Frances and Boom moved back to Issan, and in Boom’s Dad’s garden they created a safe space for kids to learn Muay Thai and channel their energy into something positive. The impact echoed through the village. And when Frances and Boom took to a crowd-funding campaign, those echoes were heard worldwide. Their story captured imaginations and raised enough money to build the Wor. Watthana Muay Thai Gym.

Today, kids all over Issan are learning new skills, feeling a sense of purpose and dreaming of a future far beyond the sport of Muay Thai. Here, they’re given the opportunity to play, laugh and have fun – to just be kids. And importantly, they’re afforded the chance to forget about their troubles, even if it’s just for a few hours. This initiative has even had a profound effect on its co-creators. Just from the way Boom smiles around the kids, Frances can see the genuine happiness in his soul and the pride he has for his humble village. It’s clear that Wor Watthana has become so much more than a gym. It’s a community centre, a playground, a safe haven, and to many, a second family. 

We need people like you in our corner. With your help, we can give village kids all across Thailand the strength to dream of a happy, fulfilling life – a fate we all deserve.” 



(Full Access + Muay Thai 4 Orphans Donation)
$ 19
/ Monthly
  • Full Access Membership to All of Our On-Demand Lessons and Content
  • Lifetime Discount to the Academy at 33% OFF with the charitable "Give & Get Back Program"
  • *At no additional cost to you, we will donate 50% of your membership to at-risk youth and communities most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic for the initial 3 Months of the membership.

    As a big thank you, we are rewarding you with a lifetime discount for giving back to the community.

    (33% OFF the regular price)

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