The Heavy Bag Training Manual [Free Course]  

The Top Drills and Quality Technical Instruction Needed to Create a Powerful Clinch Game, Quick Combinations, An Impregnable Defense, Balance and Conditioning

- All On Your Own.

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Heavy Bag Training Manual [Video Preview] 


Effectively Progressing On Your Own

It's time to stop sweating for the sake of sweating, today we put an end to hitting the bag just for the purpose of going through the motions. Today we begin to train with a purpose.  

Add purposeful drills to your routine. Advance all 8 weapons. Create stronger fundamentals. Gain power, control, and endurance in the clinch. Progress in your offense and defense simultaneously. Create a relationship with the heavy bag as your fully functional, responsive training partner to replace the limiting excuse of not having another body to work with. 

Nothing in this course is hidden, all three chapters of the course are free and your training begins here: 


Frustration and excuses may arise when we depend on others to help us progress. 

Good coaches teach their students when they are around to help them, great coaches teach them discipline & work ethic when they are not. 

This is a tool for you to hold yourself accountable. To progress when no one is watching, so that you can confidently shine when the lights turn on.  


The drills and technical instruction within each video have been structured with purpose in accordance with the core principals of Muay Thai:

*Authoritative Defense and Balance* *High Scoring Techniques* *Clinch Control and Endurance* *Defense with Offensive Readiness* *Offense with Defensive Readiness* *Explosive Attack* *Pattern Setting & Pattern Breaking* *An Elite Level of Conditioning*  

Our mission is to OVERdeliver, to provide you with more quality, more quantity, more content, and more value than any other source.  

3 Chapters [All Included] 

Chapter 1: Creating a Powerful Clinch Game - All On Your Own [4 Video Chapter]

[Video 1] Clinch 101: Becoming Stronger, Adding Power & Maintaining Great Clinch Control. [Video 2] Clinch Drills: Pull and Stab Drill [Video 3] Clinch Drills: Close Range Knees & Transitions to Stabbing Knees [Video 4] Clinch Rounds: Freestyle Clinch Rounds & Fight Situations

Chapter 2: Explosive Combinations & Impregnable Defense [3 Video Chapter]  

[Video 1] Combination Drill: Drop Step Defense & Explosive Combinations [Video 2] Combination Drill: Lean Back & Fire [Video 3] Pattern Breaking Drill: Pattern Setting & Breaking with Explosive Combinations

Chapter 3: Kicking Power, Kicking Endurance, Balance & Conditioning Circuit

[Long Form Video] A roll through video taking you through a killer circuit. Stimulating your awareness to your centerpoint of balance, in turn creating more power and control in your kick; all whilst working on your overall conditioning. This circuit is meant to challenge you both mentally & physically, to create rapid change in your aesthetic form and technical skill.  

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Instructor Paul "Reaper" Banasiak Current Stats and Achievements:

-Overall PRO/AM Record 39-8-2 [24 KOs]  

-Competed in Thailand (11-1 | 8 KOs), Spain (3-0 | 2 KOs), Cambodia, Madison Square Garden x3, New York City, Atlantic City, Lion Fight Promotions x3, and on Glory Kickboxing [UFC Fight Pass].  

-2x Muay Thai World Champion  

-4x North American National Champion  

-2x 175 lb New Jersey Glory Rules Champion  

-205 lb AKBF Champion  

-Golden Glove Boxing Finalist (No Contest in Finals)  

-Muay Thai Fight Team Coach and Group Class Instructor  

-NASM Certified Personal Trainer