How to Develop an Instinctual Jab [Quick Tips]

How to Develop an Instinctual Jab [Quick Tips]

Reaction Speed Drill: Developing a Killer Jab

A drill used to help you train your eyes, to increase your reaction speed, and to develop an instinctual jab.

The goal in the video that you are about to watch is to hit the target as quickly as possible once it appears. With this goal in mind, your body is forced to stay relaxed in order for the shoulder can snap out in any given direction as the targets constantly vary in placement.

When I was training for the New England Golden Glove Finals a few years back, this drill was one that brought me 10x the awareness that traditional pad work flow ever did. We would use this drill as a primer to every session by either doing it for:

  • One full round before getting into pad work flow in rounds 2, 3, and 4.
    or. . . 
  • In the first 30 seconds of each round – priming the mind for the remainder of the round.

Calling out the jab as the pad holder to both mitts can also help to mix up the range and rhythm of the punch. 

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