How to Get the Best Pad Work in Thailand Feat. Kru Namsaknoi

How to Get the Best Pad Work in Thailand Feat. Kru Namsaknoi

Namsaknoi is the golden standard, but the truth is that some trainers are there to hold pads rather than coach. A pad man makes you sweat and gives you a workout; they essentially test your endurance. If one needs an endurance test every day to make sure that he or she is “fit”, they are most likely missing self-discipline. 

What I’m saying is that we should already be handling the conditioning ourselves. 

Coaches, on the other hand, are guides. They challenge our beliefs, our knowledge, our skill, and our understanding of the sport and how it all connects to life itself. As you see in the video, Namsaknoi will hold specific techniques to get certain looks, but he will also watch for my response to get a baseline of the choices I tend to make. 

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In short, if you are not receiving this type of coaching, there are certain things that you can do to respectfully get more focused training in without the use of words. I don’t mean spazzing random combinations and techniques that you just saw in a fight on TV, but training your eye to see openings. If your trainer’s body is square and you are not in a good position to kick, utilize the teep to recenter yourself and give yourself some room. 

In addition to this, you can utilize faints and footwork if the pads feel “rushed”, stuffing your distance. If your pad man is bullying you by throwing attacks back at you or stuffing your shots, this is an excellent opportunity to intelligently defend and to practice your composure. Many fighters who come to Thailand tend to become passive when their trainer sees them get tired, beginning to bully them further, but what they are doing is not bullying at all. . . they are attempting to get you to fight back.

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