How to Spear Knee Taught by Two Thai Legend Trainers

How to Spear Knee Taught by Two Thai Legend Trainers

[Video Tutorial] Thai Trainers Teach the Mechanics of the Devastating Spear Knee

When it comes to the Art of Eight Limbs, there is no one in the world that can model such a beautiful display of knee technique the way that the Thais can. What’s better than being taught the mechanics by a high-level Thai trainer? Two legendary trainers stitching together the mechanics for power, control, balance, and defense in a progressive manner throughout one video.

Kru Mon (the Muay Thai Yoda) is known for his deep understanding of body mechanics and movement. He has a swiss army knife of philosophies, drills, and examples for each of the techniques that he is teaching to further enhance each student’s learning.

In this video we take it a step further by bringing in a number of principles taught by Kru Pot (Saenchai’s former trainer and clinching partner at Sinbi Muay Thai Camp) to help you avoid counters, enable you to control your opponent and maximize your power when landing knees.

Trainers, Camps and Lessons Featured in this Video:

Kru Mon (Diamond Muay Thai Camp, Thailand): Knee Angles & Trajectory, Posture, and Mechanics

Kru Pot (Phuket King Muay Thai, Phuket): Controlling Your Opponent’s Posture & Terminating Your Opponent’s Counters.

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A Day of Training in Thailand:

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