Knee Counter to the Clinch Sweep | Regaining Balance and Control

Knee Counter to the Clinch Sweep | Regaining Balance and Control

Freely Throwing Knees With Intent to Counter the Clinch Sweep

by Marco Merlo of Spirit of Siam Muay Thai Gym, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Catching a kick is rather straightforward as we are automatically cautious of a possible catch and counter when throwing the roundhouse. But, how often do we work on our defense in close proximity?

Close proximity meaning what. . . ?

The clinch; where our leg can get caught even when throwing knees. When rounding off the knee or not properly pulling the foot back towards your ass when throwing it straight leaves a gap for the leg to be caught, the sweep to follow is high scoring and easy to implement for your opponent.

In this tutorial, Marco of Spirit of Siam Gym [Chiang Mai, Thailand] goes over the proper defense to counter this common sweep, to land a knee in return, and goes over basic principals on regaining balance and control. . .

Spirit of Siam Muay Thai Gym

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