Knee Mastery

In this lesson you will learn 5 Debilitating Knee & Hand Positioning Styles. We will be covering:
  • When and How to Use Them
  • How to Flow Each Style Into Your Bag Work (Plus Bonus Drills)
  • The Pros and Cons of Each Style
  • How to Look Pro (we cover the details that most skip over in class)

Well done! You have taken your first step to redefining your technical skill with a curiosity for more. 

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Master Your Heavy Bag Training

When putting this program together, one of the most requested lessons pertaining to mastering the knee was to cover correct technique and tactics on the heavy bag.

This lesson will get you well on your way to learning a smooth flow on the bag that feels correct, while also covering bad habits to stay away from. These are the building blocks to become a machine with the help of your most dependable training partner:

The System Inside the Clinch

These next two videos break down 14 clinch positions, their transitions and 3 less common situations that you may end up experiencing inside the clinch. We will be building upon this knowledge in Pathway System to the Knee #3 – Diving Inside the Clinch. Don’t worry, the other pathway systems to the knee are structured into solo drills and bag work for you to implement without needing a partner. . . 

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Unlock Killer New Striking Combinations & High Kick Mobility with a Follow-Along Workout!

  • (Video 1) Follow Along Dynamic Warm-Up
  • (Video 2) Follow Along Muay Thai Workout
  • (Video 3) Follow Along High Kick Flexibility Training Session