Knockout Elbow Technique

Knockout Elbow Technique

Switch Step Elbow

Elbows are brutal, they score highly in Muay Thai, and can end a fight by knockout or through opening a deep cut. With that said, landing an elbow against an experienced opponent with a high guard can prove to be difficult. I have seen this technique used by a small number of fighters and believed it to be underutilized.

After successfully using the switch step elbow it in the gym and ring, I decided to put together this tutorial with former Rajadamnern champion Kru Choek for you to use yourself. Enjoy and read the notes below!

Key Points

  • There are a number of fakes you can use (Fake Teep, Fake knee etc). In this video we are concentrating on the fake cross.
  • After the rear hand slightly comes out to fake, it pulls back to the temple to protect the face as the feet switch stance.
  • Switching your feet:
    1. Shift the weight into the ball of your front foot
    2. Lift up the lead leg shooting it behing you,
    simultaneously bring the rear leg to the front
    3. The moment the rear leg (Previously Lead)
    touches the ground behind you, push off to generate power
    for the elbow
  • As said above, the moment the rear food touches the ground, push off the ball of the foot, turning the hip for more power, and throwing the elbow.


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