How to Land a Vicious Superman Punch & Kick Combination | Chris Mauceri

How to Land a Vicious Superman Punch & Kick Combination | Chris Mauceri

Vicious Superman Punch Setup Using the Kick at Both Ends

The effectiveness of this technical combination comes from the change of levels and unique mix of angles. Chris Mauceri [Glory, K1, and Lion Fight Veteran] shows us how to land a superman punch by correctly setting a pattern. Chris goes over the technical details to properly sell the fake, and displays a method of landing a follow up kick to complete this vicious combination.

To land a fake on an experienced opponent requires a pattern to be effectively set. Chris does this by landing the staple of Muay Thai – a roundhouse kick to the arm or body. If the opponent properly blocks the kick by checking or by padding it with the opposite arm, he will expose his centerline – creating an opening for the superman punch. Landing the superman punch will often force the opponent to drop his / her check creating the perfect opportunity to change levels and to finish with a vicious low kick.

For the opponents who do not properly block the initial kick – keep scoring by chopping the arm or by mixing up the techniques once enough damage is done – displayed in the fight clip at the start of the video:

Why drill on the heavy bag?

Stimulus and repetition. Although it may be tricky to figure out at first, it is much safer to get the brain firing at the appropriate distance for each weapon whilst using the heavy bag. Error in the ring costs us precious brain cells, something that you should be weary of from the beginning of your career or training journey.

If you have trustworthy sparring partners to drill with, that may be your best option, but the bag will be there to serve whichever purpose you assign it, and for as long as you wish it to serve that purpose. Training the eye as the bag swings, stimulating the distance between you and a human-like target, and perfecting technique at any hour of any day:

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