Lion Fight 24 Results, Videos & More!

Lion Fight 24 Results, Videos & More!

Lion Fight 24 at Foxwoods Resorts Casino was definitely a night for the books. Big names, big knockouts, and a lot of technical striking. Before I get too deep into my experience at the fights let’s get right into it.

Professional Bouts

Julio Pena vs Yeisom Berdugo

This is one that will become a classic. Pena opens up the fight with strong low kicks. He takes a hard shot followed by a flying knee resulting in an 8 count, the onslaught continues by Berdugo resulting in a second 8 count. Near the end of the round Pena recovers and lands a snappy hook of his own to drop Berdugo to the canvas.

In round 2 Pena lands a hard elbow wobbling Berdugo, he then follows up with hard punches to drop him for yet another 8 counts. By the third round Berdugo seems gassed from the earlier onslaught. Pena keeps pressing and both fighters wobble each other throughout rounds three and four. Pena getting the better of most exchanges. Round 5 comes around and Pena is finally able to put Berdugo away with a knockout. Amazing fight.

Knockout Win – Julio Pena

Nicolas Parlanti vs Chris Mauceri

Chris presses forward with strikes, but keeps getting tied up in body locks from Parlanti. In the third round Parlanti attempts a spinning elbow with his back on the ropes, misses. Chris decides to return the favor with a very accurate spinning elbow putting Parlanti’s lights out immediately.


Knockout Win via Spinning Elbow – Chris Mauceri

Ben Yelle vs Gaston Bolanos

Ben attempts to work a series of offenses, but Gaston’s footwork and composure seems like he is just looking for the right opening. Round two comes around and he finds it. Gaston’s famous spinning elbow hits, and Ben stumbles around the ring forcing the ref to wave off the fight to prevent any more damage.


Knockout Win via Spinning Elbow – Gaston Bolanos

Jo Nattawut vs Charlie Peters

Amazing technique shown by both fighters. Once again the Thai seemed to be just waiting for the right time to start opening up. Landing some very tight spike elbows in the clinch he finishes Peters

Knockout Win via Elbows – Jo Nattawut (Still LF World Champion)


Stephen Meleady vs Ognjen Topic

Meleady shows his Irish spirit by pushing all five rounds to land hard shots on Topic. Topic, being the more technical fighter uses beautiful technique to keep Meleady where he needs him. Landing the more accurate shots and finding his range early on. Meleady attempts to land knockout blows in the later rounds, but Topic has already made the decision clear, defends against all dangerous shots and lands his own at will.

Unanimous Decision Win – Ognjen Topic (New LF World Champion)

Richard Abraham vs Ky Hollenbeck


The always aggressive Hollenbeck comes forward landing a number of switch kicks to the arm and body of Abraham. Abraham seems to be waiting for a counter, but has a hard time keeping Hollenbeck at the end of his punches. The two fighters end up in the clinch as they both press forward and clash heads multiple times. Abraham is the victim of the first cut. As the rounds progress and they clash a few more times Hollenbeck opens up a huge gash on his eyebrow causing the doctor to stop the fight in the fifth. They go to the judges scorecards and Ky Hollenbeck takes the win.

Unanimous Decision Win – Ky Hollenbeck

Here’s the Video Recap:

Preliminary Bouts:

Greg Muldrow vs Jason Peppe

Greg Muldrow open up the night with heavy boxing. Landing an onslaught of heavy hands in the first round and dazing Jason. It seemed like Jason had a hard time answering and moving his head. In the second round Jason stalls in the clinch quite a few times before the bell rings. Just as in the first, Muldrow finishes the third round with heavy hooks against Peppe, who is dazed on the ropes as the final bell rings.

Unanimous Decision Win – Greg Muldrow 

Keemaan Hegan Diop vs Julian Nguyen

Great match up. Diop being the more accurate and aggressive striker scoring a number of sweeps takes it home.

Unanimous Decision Win – Keemaan Diop

Ian Greer vs Brian Bogue

Brian opens up the fight with some huge sweeps, physically forcing himself upon his opponent for three rounds and pushing forward. Both fighters slow down in the third after two rounds of good action.

Unanimous Decision Win – Brian Bogue

Aracely Valenzuela vs Elizabeth Silveira

Quick and technical striking between the two women. A true pleasure to witness. A back and forth fight, with Aracely of 8 Points Muay Thai being the longer more accurate boxer. At the end of the second Aracely eats a hard straight before the bell, but returns with a vengeance in the third landing hard straights of her own, leaving a bloody Elizabeth Silveira with a decision loss.

Unanimous Decision Win – Aracely Valenzuela

Ulbino Guzman vs Mike Triana

Ulbino the larger fighter pushes forward for most of the fight, landing hard shots overwhelming Triana for the first two rounds. Triana comes back strong in the third round moving Ulbino back for the first time and landing accurate shots. Too little too late.

Unanimous Decision Win – Ulbino Guzman

Phil DaSilva vs Chris Molloy

Dasilva wins all three rounds after landing some hard shots and quick sweeps. Although lanky, Molloy had a hard time finding his range against DaSilva.

Unanimous Decision Win – Phil Dasilva




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