Low Kick Technique – Judging Distance

Low Kick Technique – Judging Distance

Muay Thai Low Kick Technique – Judging Distance

There are a lot of low kick tutorials out there, however, there is not much information on situational awareness when it comes to kicking. When you are throwing a punching combination that ends in a low kick there are a number of things can happen. Ideally the opponent backs up from the punches and you finish off with a hard low kick. He can also stay in the pocket where you step off to the side to finish with the kick.

But, what happens if your opponent steps in for a counter? Or you misjudge your distance, stepping in too far with your punches? It could seem like you are stuck trading hands, not able to finish with the low kick.
This tutorial video (Created for Muay Thai Guy) is meant to help you with just that, judging your distance and being able to finish with a hard low regardless of the situation (Skip to 1:45 to get straight to the instruction):

Key Points to Remember

-There are multiple ways of throwing the low kick, the key point is knowing how to execute it depending on what your opponent gives you

-As the right shoulder and hip drop back, the left leg whips in for the kick simultaneously

-Your body generates power as a unit, if there is a disconnection in the chain, the kick will lose much of its power. Keep your core tight to make sure you are pivoting efficiently.

-Practice low kicks against different body types and styles. This is the only way to truly adjust your technique based on the situation.


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