Muay Thai and Boxing Counter Hook Drill Video

Muay Thai and Boxing Counter Hook Drill Video

We all know how important drilling technique and padwork is. Having a quick reaction to land a counter punch could mean the difference in winning a fight and enables you to knock out your opponent.

This counter hook drill video for Muay Thai and boxing is great for conditioning, quickening your reflexes, and seeing the counters. After watching the video make sure to read some of the
key points below:

  • Your guard should be tight, make sure you are not leaning away from the punch or else the counter will have no power behind it.
  • The hand does not leave the chin until you twist your hip in. This is very important in maximizing your power and hiding your uppercuts.
  • Keep your eyes on your pad holder or opponent, if you are overwhelmed by a bigger opponent and shell up too hard… this drill was specifically created to save you in this situation. The second you feel the hook connect with your glove you fire right back with the same hand, just as shown in the drill.
  • Keep your chin tucked, and if the power of the hook still feels like too much, use a slight bend in the knees when absorbing the blow.
  • Use this counter as part of your full arsenal, not as your only defense to the hook. You still have footwork and head movement to rely on.

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