Muay Thai Olympics in 2024? 2028? Likely | TMTG #88

Muay Thai Olympics in 2024? 2028? Likely | TMTG #88

Muay Thai Olympics & How We Can Grow the Sport
with Special Guest Thiago Azeredo of the USMTO and USMF.

We are beyond excited to have the director and founder of the US Muay Thai Open himself, Thiago Azeredo. It’s an exciting time to be a nak muay. Muay Thai is growing every single day, and one of the awesome people spearheading that growth is Thiago.

The main topic of conversation of today’s episode is going to be about the future of Muay Thai. I’ve seen how skilled the kids in America are and it is sky rocketing the level and future of Muay Thai! Scary and crazy, but also very, very exciting.

If you want to see what the future has in store for Muay Thai, you’ll love our chat with Thiago Azeredo:

What you can expect on the podcast with US Muay Thai Open – USMTO’s director and founder of Siam Fight Productions Thiago Azeredo:

*Qualifications for the National Team
*The likelihood of the Olympics in 2024 and in 2028
*The Growth and Unification of the Sport
*The Vision and Mission of the USMTO / USMF
*Creating the Next Superstar
*A LIVE fan Q & A
*And Much, Much More

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Paul Banasiak is a Professional Muay Thai fighter/addict, 9x champion, trainer, and fitness professional currently living, training, and fighting in Thailand. After leaving medical school without looking back, he decided to fully follow his passion of helping others become the best version of themselves, creating MuayThaiAthlete.com. A website for those who are already passionate individuals that want to take their life, mindset & training to the next level. 

Today we begin forging our bodies and
strengthening our limitless minds.

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