Proven Knockout Technique – Southpaw Counter

Proven Knockout Technique – Southpaw Counter

Southpaw Counter to the Cross

There will inevitably come a day where you have to face one of these assholes, I mean a southpaw. You will want this technique in your back pocket when the time comes.

Being a southpaw myself I know the frustration I bring to inexperienced pad holders and training partners alike. With that said I also have had my share of encounters with south paw opponents that threw me off my game. Recently I have really started using my stance to my advantage.

When I began fighting I always feared the big straight right and did not hold too many counters for it. As most fighters do, I used this weakness to my advantage and added a repertoire of counter techniques, this one being my favorite. My inspiration came from the southpaw Muay Thai legend Coban (Highlight of his cross-counter). Enjoy the tutorial.

Southpaw Cross Counter Video and Key Points:

Key Points 

  • Step off at an angle big enough to catch the side of the chin and slip the punch, but small enough to counter right back.
  • Turn your hip with the cross for max power and turn the knuckles over to come over the top of your opponent’s arm.
  • The counter must be instant, it is not a slip, pause, and then go.
  • Keep both hands up as you slip to make sure the cross is not a set up for a head kick or lead hook.
  • Avoid turning your hips too far when avoiding the cross, remember you want minimal movement for this technique to be effective.

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