Staying Endlessly Motivated – 10 Motivation Tactics (Part 1 of 3)

Staying Endlessly Motivated – 10 Motivation Tactics (Part 1 of 3)

There’s always that one limitless person we know that seems to have endless motivation and positive energy. Trust me when I tell you this person runs into doubt and defeat on a regular basis, but the difference is that they don’t stay there. They have a method. Yes, there is a method to having endless motivation.

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After years of training I have gone through being over-stimulated, under-stimulated, motivated, defeated, inspired, exhausted, and even having a mental break down. In the recent year I told myself I never want that break down to happen again. That’s where I begin to stack everything in my favor.

Here are the 10 tactics to endless motivation – grouped into three categories. Preparation, Action, and Re-Action

Motivation’s Battle is Preparation

Energy is motivation. What do I mean by that? When we have the mental and physical capacity (energy) to attempt a task it’s rather simple. It’s when the stress of everyday life, relationships, and physical exhaustion catches up with us when we begin to lose energy & motivation. Prepare for the worst – grind to become the best.

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1. Finding Your True Why

The most important tactic when it comes to anything in life.
Your WHY is your driving force, but only when it is intrinsic. What does that entail?… Asking yourself that question at least twice.

1. Why do I want to train Muay Thai?
So I can become a champion, so I can get in shape.

2. Why do I want to become a champion? Why do I want to get in shape?
Because it would make me feel successful at something, I would feel more confident in myself and be able to set an example for others.

3. Why do I seek confidence? Why do I want to set an example for others?
So I can have the will to fulfill my true potential, I want to set an example for others because life is more fulfilling when you are inspiring others. When you are a part of something outside of yourself.

Do you see how the first answer doesn’t provide much in terms of emotion? It is a surface answer and we rarely dig deep inside, however, we MUST look deep inside to find true motivation. I could have ended on the second question, but we went a bit further to ask WHY a third time.

A golden belt loses its shine when you are laying breathless on the floor, or stuck burnt out on the couch. The third WHY, is what will get your ass up again. It goes deep inside yourself, it becomes a voice that whispers, “you are cheating yourself and what you are capable of, WHY DID YOU BEGIN!? There is more to this then just you, you are supposed to be an inspiration to others, to your friends, your family!”.

2. Creating YOUR Environment

You are the sum of your five closest peers. A number of studies suggest that we think we surround ourselves with those who’s personality we admire the most. But, in reality it is the people who conveniently share a common activity or location with us.

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It’s simple. Energy is motivation, lack-there-of or negative energy leads to doubt and fatigue. Surrounding yourself with peers who are highly motivated is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself in life. It’s difficult changing your life and looking at every individual you surround yourself with.

But, I challenge you. Look at your gym, look at your friends and even family and ask the hard questions. Are they supporting your goals? Are they draining your energy or are they inspiring you? Are you learning from them? If you answered no to more than one of these questions, it’s time to cut people out, followed by watching yourself thrive.

3. Accountability and Goal Setting

This goes hand in hand with the point I made above. Accountability with the right people will lead you to great success and new levels of dsc_0792motivation. Those who truly support you care for you, this means they will be on your ass to make sure you are putting the work in.

Write down your goals. There is something about putting pen to paper that makes it official, it creates a contract with yourself. DO NOT skip this step. People often have a “do as you go” mentality. This is because they fear failing before reaching their goal, fear defeats motivation. When you create this goal, when you sign that contract, you don’t stop grinding, you don’t quit, you keep going until that bitch is checked off. Then it’s on to the next one.

4. Preparing for Action

By now you know your purpose, you know your WHY, you have a team of killers, educators, and supporters behind you and you know exactly what you want. It’s time to get it.

This part is quite simple if you are prepared. How do you become prepared to take action? By preparing for inaction and settlement. Huh?

You received a call that you have to go to work early, you got stuck in traffic and didn’t have time to cook your next meal that normally energizes you for the next session from hell. This all leads to inaction. Well that sucks… I have no energy, I’ll just skip today (inaction), or maybe I’ll grab something through the drive thru (settling for less than your body deserves). Always act and never settle.

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Prepare for action by laying out your clothes for the next morning, creating a schedule (to-do list) for the week, preparing your meals ahead of time, staying consistent and routine based with everything you do, and most importantly.. by being dedicated.


This is only the beginning, you are prepared to move into Part 2 – Staying Endlessly Motivated. Motivation is energy. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, so that means we have to find ways of tapping into it. We begin this process by preparing our body, mind, and environment.

Prepare -> Act -> Re-Act

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