Supplement Review – PNP Supplements

Supplement Review – PNP Supplements

Train, Recover, Repeat

Let me begin by saying I am not a huge advocate of supplements, often people use them as a magic pill, or as a main source of nutrients. Neither being effective.

With that said when you are an athlete your training is much different from the average person and recovery plays a huge factor. Maybe you are a gym rat, or an average gym goer who is trying to challenge themselves. Whoever you are, you have had your bouts of excessive soreness, or wish you had the energy to take training to the next level.


Although one thing alone won’t help you recover overnight, using a balance of active recovery, smart programming, nutrition, and supplementation creates the optimal state for your body to perform, recover, and perform again.

Here is my honest review of PNP Supplements, a company I have been using for four months now. My opinion as an athlete, as a personal trainer, and as a gym rat:

PNP supplements’s owner is an honest working man who will answer any of your questions. I am very picky with the supplements I put in my body, so the fact that everything is made in a GMP certified facility, using premium ingredients, and is backed up with numerous studies played a huge factor in me seeking sponsorship from them.

*Disclosure* I am a PNP sponsored athlete. This means I receive a stack of supplements from them to use during my training camps, it does not mean I make money from reviewing their products or am asked to do so. I will be making future posts on other companies as well as product reviews, gym reviews, and more.

For more information on their products, reviews, ingredients, studies, and more visit www.pnpsupplements.com

*UPDATE* I have finished my stack in the past month here in Thailand. My training sessions are 5-6 hours per day 5-6 days a week. I felt that supplementation was necessary due to the amount of training I was doing. Recovery surge and whey-pro 5 were amazing sources of nutrients for me as the food here is very limited. With mostly grains in my diet here in Thailand, the supplements served as a huge tool in recovery between the two sessions I was doing each day.


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