Sylvie’s Record Breaking Chase, Fighting Bare Knuckled & the Art of Muay Khao | TMTG #111

Sylvie’s Record Breaking Chase, Fighting Bare Knuckled & the Art of Muay Khao | TMTG #111

Sylvie’s Record Breaking Chase, Fighting Bare Knuckled
& the Art of Muay Khao

Sylvie comes on the podcast with the Muay Thai Guys the day after fighting a Kard Chuek fight (No Gloves), followed by a 5 hour drive up to Chiang Mai to earn a 4th round TKO – all within the same day.
Sylvie drops a ton of knowledge on a number of trending topics in the world of Muay Thai including:

  • The Significance of Losing & the Importance of a Fighter’s Win / Loss Record in the West Versus That in Asia
  • Staying Motivated and Inspired to Fight after 200+ Recorded Fights
  • The Muay Khao Style of Fighting
  • The Upcoming Legendary Muay Khao Summit featuring famous fighters & trainers such as Dieselnoi, Karuhat and “The Elbow Hunter” Yodkhunpon.

. . . and much, much more. Get out your notebooks and enjoy the show:

Women often face difficulties when attempting to learn the clinch, the social, instructional and physical limitations; it is the art that Sylvie has mastered and is aiming to translate to the Western audience without the obstacles that many  men and women run into.

Part of the initiative is Sylvie’s upcoming Muay Khao Summit, a place where the best clinch fighters in the world get together to empower and pass down the art to the students in a well-supervised manner.

Muay Thai Legends teaching at the Muay Khao Summit: Dieselnoi, Yodkhunpon (The Elbow Hunter), Karuhat , Namkabuan Nongkipahayut, Samson Isaan, Languan Panyuthapum. Arguably, 5 of the top 10 Thai female fighters will be attending the summit as well: Chommanee, Sawsing, Dokmaibaa, Nong Biew and Saifaa. 

The LIVE stream of all 9-Days of the Muay Khao Summit is available at the link below. With your attendance, 100% of the profits from the LIVE stream go to the Thai legends involved. At the end of the Summit you will also receive an edited 10-Hour commentary of the highlights within the event to keep.

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