Teep Technique to Keep Your Opponent at Bay

Teep Technique to Keep Your Opponent at Bay

Timing and Technique is Everything

The teep, also known as the front kick is an effective technique used to keep your opponents at bay. Although it has its use offensively, we are going to be covering a range finder to keep your opponent in check.

Although a taller fighter can use this to their advantage, whether you are a the taller or shorter fighter is not important. The power
put into this technique is also not very important, however, the timing is everything.


Just like throwing your cross with all of your power can be negated by your opponent leaning with the punch, the teep has no power if your opponent is stepping away or you are timing it incorrectly.

Learn how to correctly execute the teep by watching the video below and reading through the key points underneath:

Key Points

  • Shift your weight to your rear leg and stay tall to hold your balance as the front leg comes out.
  • You can bring the elbow on the same side of the teep down as a form of counter balance. It is a preference of styles.
  • There is a time and place to use the teep, don’t force it if your opponent if backing up.
  • Look for any cues your opponent is giving you, if he or she is stepping forward aggressively fire it out as quickly as possible. If he or she is simply stalking in, just tap their thigh, hip, or chest with the ball of your foot to keep them in check.
  • The bag is a great tool to build your timing, but make sure you also adapt the technique on a human target as well.

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