The One Trick to Increase Your Punching Power

The One Trick to Increase Your Punching Power

 Instructor: Kru Mon
 Voiceover / breakdown: Paul Banasiak

how to create power with the muay thai yoda.

What’s the secret sauce? 

Is it hardcore strength and conditioning? No. Is it building tons of muscle? No. Is it CrossFit? No.

The above methods can all have an impact on power sure, but it’s never truly unlocked unless you get these mechanics down first. It’s making sure EVERY part of your body is working in a clear chain. 

The Muay Thai Yoda (Kru Mon) explains this concept in a more philosophical way, he then includes a number of progressive drills to build more power in your punches and all other strikes.

Learn how to use your body as a solid unit in this video breakdown: 

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