The Three Most Inspirational Podcasts in Muay Thai – TMTG Podcast

The Three Most Inspirational Podcasts in Muay Thai – TMTG Podcast

Get Inspired, Motivated, and Broaden Your Perspective of Human Potential. Muay Thai Guys Podcast.

kevin ross osuWe have done over 50 podcasts in the past year, but there are a specific few that stood out from the rest. . .  to not only our audience, but to us personally. Motivating us and serving as the models and walking examples of broken limits, bringing new heights to human potential.

A World Muay Thai Champion with a Doctorate, an American icon who overcame a dark past to become one of the highest level strikers in the United States, a 60 year young man from Australia who is training for his professional boxing debut after already putting the miles on his body through 100s of marathons and being questioned by his peers.

Whether or not you are an athlete or within the Muay Thai community, these are the three MUST listen to podcasts that will inspire you, motivate you, and instantly broaden your perspective on our world:

Fighting at 60 Years Old: Muay Thai Guys Chat with Australia’s Coach Jeff Smith

fight featureA limitless human being with more energy than most that you meet in their 20s. One of the most common question that I receive is “how old is too old?”. This podcast episode holds all of your answers, a perspective for those who are surrounded my a limiting crowd, atmosphere and lifestyle.

Click here to listen to the podcast for the entire podcast with Coach Jeff

Things covered in this podcast: 

  • Jeff’s competitive mindset at his age; how he was able to keep it throughout his journey in a variety of sports.
  • The importance of the people he surrounds himself with while he’s pursuing his athletic goals.
  • How age has affected him and how it’s also benefitted him in multiple ways.
  • The criticism he faces as he continues to box at 60 years old.
  • How he came across Muay Thai and his respect for the sport despite being a marathon athlete and pure boxer.
  • The reason why he competes in so many athletic competitions so often, and why he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.
  • How he’s been doing his own podcast (The Coach Jeff Podcast) before anyone knew of iTunes podcasting [Now with over 500 episodes under his belt on topics like running, fighting, cycling, motivation and a lot more.]
  • And a ton of other in-depth talks about training, fighting and life!

Dr. Doom, a Gold Medalist Thai Boxer with a PhD

Erin Jimenez is a West Coast girl living on the East Coast who wanted to be a boxer ever since she was a teenager, but as in many cases she was limited by others, her dream was delayed until she reached the age of 24 before finally stepping foot into a Muay Thai gym.

erin jimenez

Now a multiple time World Gold Medalist (two years in a row), a member of the National US Muay Thai team, a scientist with a PhD and one of the boxing prodigies under fiancé Jason Farrell of Level Up Boxing

Click here to listen to the podcast for the entire podcast with Erin Jimenez

Things covered in this podcast:

  • The Dream of Boxing as a teenager and being limited by family.
  • Finding Muay Thai in the middle of working on her degree – and how she found the balance between the two.
  • Taking 3 losses in a row to start here career and changing gyms.
  • The come back after ACL surgeries to become a world champion two years in a row.
  • Training with an injury, whilst rehabbing and how it affected school and life.
  • Her family’s thoughts when she first got started and how their support for her fighting has changed.
  • Her thoughts about brain trauma after experiencing concussions in the past, being a highly educated individual.
  • Training with Jason Farrell, her fiancé as her coach.
  • And pieces of advice when balancing studies, training, work and life.

Kevin Ross Discusses the Ups and Downs of the Muay Thai Life

Kevin Ross has been in the spotlight of American Muay Thai, known for his relentless style and philosophical outlook on the world of combat sports. Not only a model for up and coming prospects, but an inspiration for overcoming loss, the dark parts of your life, and becoming a better overall human being.

Kevin Ross Soul Assasin

Kevin didn’t start his Muay Thai journey until he was 23 years old, stuck in a party lifestyle that eventually led down a path of alcoholism. Muay Thai became Kevin’s rehab and safe haven after he lost his closest friends to drunk driving accidents. . . [Full Story Below]

Click here to listen to the podcast for the entire podcast with Kevin Ross

  • What he was going through after 2 back-to-back losses to Yamato and Rungrat.
  • How he’s able to learn from the losses and stay motivated to get back into the ring.
  • His thoughts on the two losses and what he felt went wrong.
  • What it was like fighting down in Peru and winning another WBC belt alongside his training partner Gaston Bolanos.
  • Why the fight in Peru reminded him why he started Muay Thai in the first place.
  • How he initially got into Muay Thai and used it to keep away from bad influences in his life.
  • The importance of his team, coaches and training partners at CSA and how they’ve helped him succeed.
  • His thoughts on when young amateurs should turn pro and the factors to consider before doing so.
  • A brief chat about his relationship with Gina Carano
  • And much, much more!

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