The Top Two Exercises for Power, Mobility, and Strength

The Top Two Exercises for Power, Mobility, and Strength

The Top Two Old School Exercises for Power –
Deadlift & Squat – Why and How to Perform Them

Withstanding the test of time. After finishing my schooling in the Health and Exercise Science field I experimented with every strength training program in the book. Always feeling like a skinny kid that based most of his success on endurance, created a desire to 10914903_10153468057248496_3251352173708498549_ogenerate more power in my game, to increase explosiveness, and to build an overall stronger physique.

After years of experimenting with power work, strength training, kettle bell variations, barbell work, cookie cutter, and from the experience of speaking with high level strength and conditioning experts, I came to a simple conclusion – just as in Muay Thai, fundamentals win fights.

The deadlift and squat, when performed correctly are very safe lifts with the biggest bang for your buck, they’re the perfect balance of:

  • Building Power With all of your Weapons
  • Increasing Strength
  • Perfecting the Hip Hinge (Important in all combat sports)
  • Shielding the Spine by Building a Strong Core Musculature
  • Stabilizing and Building Overall Body Control
  • Increasing Hip Mobility

Now you know about some of the benefits and how these exercises have withstood the test of time in a field where everything changes day to day, but you can only feel these benefits by executing them properly. Here’s a quality instructional by Matt Bryers of the Strength Academy for the deadlift, the squat, and a beginner’s variation of the squat:

The Squat and Goblet Squat Variation for Hip Mobility:

If you enjoyed these videos and instruction from the Soul Fighters Academy you will love their hilarious, motivational, and instructional videos on Facebook:

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