5 Tips to Get Your Other Half to Travel (or Move) to Thailand With You

5 Tips to Get Your Other Half to Travel (or Move) to Thailand With You

Moving Across the World to Live in Thailand and Train Muay Thai

I must begin this post by stating – I am writing this with an understanding that we all live in our own unique set of circumstances; however, it doesn’t change the fact that many of my initial circumstances changed, that new realities came about as I read through stories such as. . . such as this one. . . 

After over two years of traveling and living alone, I have moved to Thailand with my girlfriend, Mia. We both work online, each in our own distinctive lane and discipline. Despite being together before and after the move to Southeastern Asia, we have spent multiple months a 12 hour time difference apart. We both made the shift at an inopportune time; a time when funds weren’t in order, a time where I fractured by hand and couldn’t compete to make money (my pay is based on how well I can use my hands in the ring), but. . . what we had on our side was a vision for where we wanted to go.

I wrote this for those who are both rich and poor; for those who know exactly what they want, and for those who are aiming to rediscover themselves. I wrote this for those who are anxious to bring up the conversation, and for those who are patiently waiting for the perfect time. 

Here is a short video answering a question of a Patreon member who is aiming to travel to Thailand next year with his lady. Mia and I sit down to recall our first trip to Thailand together, quickly covering the question and writing out (below the video) the five key things you need covered in order to make your trip possible, to make it smooth & exciting, and ultimately. . . successful!

The 5 Keys to Opening the Door to a New Adventure

1. Introduce the Idea and Open Up the Option

As is often said, communication is key and in order for any new step and journey to take place (unless you or your partner are the spontaneous type). The idea must be brought to the attention of those who you want involved. Before you present the idea to your partner, spend time doing some research, have a basic, flexible plan to gain an honest and educated response to any concerns about safety and costs, as well as travel highlights of the area that you can use to your advantage.

Elephant Sanctuary (Non-Riding) Chiang Mai, Thailand

2. Bring Both of Your Wants and Needs Up for Consideration

Voicing both your wants and needs is the most minimal action that is needed. Both sides must be heard in order to avoid future conflict. Most people will want to delay the discussion until the decision is made or until the point at which one’s needs aren’t being met  – by that time resentment is likely to have already set in, forcing both sides to act from a more emotional position. Voice your expectations, your thoughts and opinions, and do so without judgement. Then, use rational thought to justify the actions that you will both take. What rationally makes the most sense is likely to work best long term.

For example, a partner may want to travel during a certain time of the year, but it is in the middle of the rainy season. The rational decision would be to maximize the time spent in good weather if going for a short period of time, however, it would be a more intelligent choice to travel during the rainy season if you are going for a longer period of time, as travel and accommodation expenses can be grandfathered in at a much cheaper rate when prices increase as the busier season begins

Another Example: Mia loves ice cream. I love to take photos. Therefore, I will buy her ice cream, but only if she lets me play with my camera.

3. Understand the Meaning of Time

This is an important concept to cover from numerous angles. Allowing yourself the time to plan will be of help, but the comfort of giving yourself an extended period of time to accomplish financial and preparatory goals, can also be the reason why you never get out of your office chair or home town. Human beings aren’t designed to have a sense of urgency unless there is something at risk; think back to the distant memories of finishing high school projects the night before they are due though they were likely assigned weeks or months ahead of time.

“With urgency comes action, with action comes anything that you want.”  

After years of traveling, I can finally repeat this quote with personal experience, “there is no such thing as the perfect time”. Something will have to give; something will cost an extra bit of money. There will always be more things to perfect and more things to prepare, but during this time you are missing out on the most important part of life – the excitement of taking the plunge, and taking off on an adventure to meet other beautiful people like yourself, as well as sharing these moments with the person you love.

Staying on the topic of time, I wanted to bring you into a deeper understanding of life’s seasons; the moments in life where we appropriately focus our time and attention in a particular direction. I wrote an entire article about this topic for a sports training and supplement company in the past. In the second key we talked about bringing up each person’s needs and wants for consideration. Both of you deserve to be heard, to have your options and opinions put on the table. However, the rational importance of the steps that you take from that point will be dependent on which season of life you are both currently experiencing.

If you are an athlete, you have a limited amount of time to compete and to make a name for yourself. If you are still kicking, you have to fully dive into the lifestyle for a chance at success – anything less than that couldn’t be considered putting our best foot forward. Perhaps you are in a season of self-discovery. A popular time for European students who are seeking to discover themselves is the gap year that many take between High School and College. This is something that I believe we are missing in the United States. Our teenagers are forced to choose what they are going to do for the rest of their lives. . . without experiencing life itself.

Perhaps one of you is experiencing a season of study, of learning. Though I have already graduated, my recent move to Thailand didn’t begin with spontaneous travel adventures. I was partly regaining insight into who I was, but it wasn’t through a process of self-discovery, it was through the process of study and the process of learning. The low costs of living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and a recent fracture in my hand, gave me the flexibility and time needed to learn more about my other passions in videography & photography; stitching together and reliving the beautiful moments we captured throughout our travels in the past year.

4. Use Whatever Crutch You May Need to Make It Happen & Create A Plan

I have flown out to spend a month in Thailand after a year of deliberate planning, saving and perfecting every detail. I have also moved to Thailand for nearly a year on my credit card – creating opportunity and forcing myself to make it work. Both worked, and to be honest, the latter was a much more memorable. . . evolutionary. . . and enjoyable time. It forced me to become creative, to make ends meet, to find ways of surviving that I normally wouldn’t have the strength to put into place.

For those who aren’t 100% comfortable, having someone who knows the area that you are traveling to can also be the best way to discover the area like the locals. Just as you know your home town like the back of your hand, there are people who will be proud and happy to show you the beauty (and food) that their city has to offer. Network with other travelers, ask questions or even better, become a part of an organized retreat to see what only locals can show you. It is a great way to meet new people, to bring home memories of a lifetime and to bring a little comfort to your journey.

5. Act, Be Consistent, Act, and. . .You Guessed it, Be Consistent!

The reason traveling abroad seems like an exotic idea is because most of the people you are surrounded by don’t have the creative energy to make it work. They often travel to a boutique resort in another country without experiencing its people in their natural state or its unique culture. Traveling outside of the norm isn’t an extremely difficult process when you are traveling for limited amount of time, but it does still require you to think outside of the box. It still requires you to escape the comfort of your Monday-Friday schedule and to live each day on your own terms. Most importantly, it requires you to be consistent.

I have answered the questions, messages and e-mails of well over a 100+ people in the last couple of years. The most common trait in those who made their dreams a reality was the face that those people showcased consistent action. They used their social media pages to create accountability with their friends – stating their goals and a deadline for those goals. They didn’t work overtime for just a single week. . . they did it each week until they reached their goal, they set rules and they stayed disciplined, avoiding burnout by remembering their why – their why simply being  freedom.

Discipline in the moment can create the freedom you seek in the future. Earn the moments that make you feel good about indulging in life’s pleasures. I hope that this post has made you just a bit more confident about taking the next step and having a conversation about it. . .

. . . there is a whole world out there for us to discover and it has never been easier to make it all possible. Now, go out there and create the visions that were once only real inside of your mind. Connect and learn more deeply about each other through the extremes that this lifestyle brings, mold your visions into one. 

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