Top 3 Neck Strengthening Exercises – Advanced (Exclusive Video)

Top 3 Neck Strengthening Exercises – Advanced (Exclusive Video)

Advanced Neck Strengthening Exercises  
Athletes, Combat Athletes, and Muay Thai Fighters

We have already gone over the top neck strengthening exercises for beginners.

In case you missed it ==> Neck Strengthening Exercises for Beginners

In this tutorial we move into the advanced neck strengthening exercises.

These movements will give us more stimulus than just the resistance of gravity. Once you build up to 20-30 repetitions with ease and little to no soreness using the beginner exercises, move onto this video.

Strengthening the neck is important in almost all sports to prevent trauma to the brain, and even more important in combat sports to prevent getting rocked or knocked out.

Matt Bryers (Owner of the Jiu Jitsu & Strength Academy, Strength and conditioning Expert & Geek) shares with you his three favorite neck strengthening exercises for combat and contact sport athletes:

Featured Gym – Jiu Jitsu and Strength Academy – Cromwell, CT

Having a strong neck is essential to keeping posture within the clinch. Without working on this aspect of your game you are heavily working against the odds.

Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu displaying how posture may affect your
position in the clinch and how to manipulate it:

These workouts in combination with our Hand Speed and Punching Power drills guide will take your overall game to the next level. Get access to my FREE guide, 5 Lethal Boxing Drills for Muay Thai here:

======> Boxing for Muay Thai – Lethal Hand Speed and Reaction Drills 

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