Top 4 Shoulder Opening Stretches | Pre and Post Workout

Top 4 Shoulder Opening Stretches | Pre and Post Workout

Top 4 Shoulder Opening Stretches | Pre and Post Workout           (Bonus Hip Opener included)

A person of almost any dynamic suffers from shoulder discomfort. The desk jockey with poor posture. The worker who constantly lifts things overhead, and most definitely the combat sport athlete who’s training requires them to stand in a rounded posture; pushing, punching, and rarely pulling.

3 Years ago I suffered a tear in my bicep tendon which led to a year of rehabilitation work, forcing me to follow an anti-inflammatory diet. This is my way of attempting to help you learn from my mistakes.

I have since made a full recovery.

To balance out all of the constant forward movement and activation of the shoulder which causes your chest, anterior (front) deltoid, and back (lateralis) to become overactive. If not addressed, it can often lead to injury or impact performance.

We must take care of the entire shoulder capsule. The above exercises are my four favorite shoulder opening stretches that I use before and after each workout to keep my shoulders, lats, and chest from becoming too stiff and ultimately inactive. Loosey Goosey, but strong.


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