Training Control, Balance, and Power for Muay Thai

Training Control, Balance, and Power for Muay Thai

Using Resistance Bands to Force Body Control, Balance, and Power

During my time here at Namsaknoi Muay Thai, Kru Must (Namsaknoi) has dedicated hours of our training to countless drills specific to balance, power and overall body control of the two.

On a daily basis, we go through partner drills, bag drills, and shadowboxing drills to test our balance before and after being offensive, ensuring that we have proper control of our body and hold the ability to counter at any given moment.

This has been the main focus of my time here in Thailand as I will be closing in on my fifth month here. Here is a quick example of one of the drills before we move into the resistance training:


Being out of position or balance doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get knocked out; many are able to compensate with athleticism or in other forms. However, you become severely limited when it comes to scoring and countering back. The Thai’s specialize in the game of defending, attacking, defending again, and countering in an efficient matter; staying in a range where they can choose to attack, defend, or counter without re-adjusting. The re-adjustment before striking often becomes a “tell”, a give away of what you are about to strike with.

Now that we covered the purpose behind obtaining body control of power and balance, let’s take a look at why Namsaknoi chooses to use the resistance bands at least once a week to simultaneously test the control we have over our body and mind.

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11221999_10154213857213496_335673171183139079_n-300x300Paul Banasiak is a Muay Thai fighter/addict, 9x champion, trainer, and fitness professional currently living, training, and fighting in Thailand. After leaving medical school without looking back, he decided to fully follow his passion of helping others become the best version of themselves, creating MuayThaiAthlete.com. A website for those who are already passionate individuals that want to take their life,mindset&training to the next level. 

Today we begin forging our bodies and
strengthening our limitless minds.

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