Traveling Back to Thailand! The Next Training Camp in Paradise

Traveling Back to Thailand! The Next Training Camp in Paradise

The Limitless Experience Meets Thailand Training Camp

How warm is it where you are? Whatever the temperature, nothing gets me more excited then hard training in paradise; taking life changing trips with amazing people by my side. Away from the shallow responsibilities of everyday life in the West, away from judgement and stress. It’s time to get back to the land of smiles.

I have a weird desire and love for destroying my body. After living as a sponsored fighter in a Thai camp for half of a year, I realized how much more I appreciated the beauty that was just around the corner – the beauty I told myself that I didn’t have the energy or self-worth to experience. I felt guilt as work needed to be done. I felt like I didn’t have the energy to do anything, but train. The caveat was that I was only breaking myself down more by laying in my bunk, isolating myself.

Positive people create energy, being surrounded by them and this unreal beauty created a completely different experience on my last trip to Thailand. I want to re-create the immersive and invaluable experiences I have been blessed to have during my time living within this culture, those that have forever changed my view of the world. This trip will begin with some isolation in Northern Thailand followed by the next training camp.

My times collectively spent here have guided me through the different sections and subcultures of the island, each holding their own sense of beauty & purpose. The Yoga and Meditational retreats surrounded by organic and vegan cafes, the secret beaches, the cliff diving spots, the snorkeling locations, the farm to table restaurants, the jungle hikes, the quiet highways through the island’s highest peaks, the panoramic views of the island’s beauty. . . there is no place like it in the entire world. A place where you can find the Yin and Yang we all seek, the perfect balance of work and play.

It’s a place that brings peace, a place that rejuvenates the body despite it being broken down in training, a place to try some of the world’s best cuisines, an opportunity to get Thailand’s full experience of hard training, spiritual growth, beauty and pleasure. The goal is to be surrounded by a team of like-minded individuals that enable you to be yourself, that challenge you in an uplifting fashion, and that will be your rock to lean on.

You have the option to do it all, the option of challenging yourself to grow and evolve. The option to be more introverted, to meditate on the beach as well as the option of always being surrounded by good people, creating memories that will become the stories of a lifetime.

This is where the next camp will be held:

We are coming full circle in this upcoming trip in July & August. Sean and I first became training partners at Diamond Muay Thai, taking our first set of fights in Thailand together. The gym has exponentially grown and evolved since this trip in 2015. The dream of blending hard training in with the option of recovering in paradise is now more of a reality.

Sean and his fiancee recently made the long-term move to Koh Phangan, a place where I formerly lived for an accumulation of over a year. The island doesn’t have any traffic lights, malls or theaters, but it still has shopping markets in its main town at the southern end of the island. It is not as built up with taller buildings and Western businesses like Samui, providing a local feel filled in spiritual growth as well as the options of more modern cafes and the world’s best cuisines.

There are always pros and cons to training in Thailand, especially dependent on size. As a bigger fighter clinching with the Thais, although technically challenging, doesn’t provide a realistic fight scenario. Having the guidance of Thai trainers alongside experienced foreigner training partners creates a great dynamic for larger students. For female athletes and lighter foreigners, there is a number of Thai fighters and champion level trainers within the Diamond camp.

We are looking to redefine the stigma around “island training”, those who come to train with Sean and I will be split from the rest. A number of professional Thai Boxers will be attending the sessions, with the guaranteed opportunity for daily clinch work and sparring at a technically high level.

My one way ticket is in order. Care to Join ;)?

[ All Information can be found on ThailandTrainingCamp.com/Summer ]

This Travel Highlight Features Everything That Happened Before, During, and Continued to Happen After our Last Training Camp Experience:


Paul Banasiak is a Professional Muay Thai Athlete/addict, 9x champion, trainer, and fitness professional currently living, training, and fighting in Thailand. After leaving medical school without looking back, he decided to fully follow his passion of helping others become the best version of themselves, creating MuayThaiAthlete.com. A website for passionate individuals that want to take their lifestyle, mindset & training to the next level. 

Today we begin forging our bodies and
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