Upward Elbow Technique & Timing Tutorial

Upward Elbow Technique & Timing Tutorial

How to Upward Elbow – Technique Tutorial & Timing

Fighting an aggressive opponent or strong clinch fighter? You will want this elbow technique in your back pocket. This video will show you not only how to execute the technique, but how to get the most out of this short and sneaky elbow. Below the video are key points to remember.

Key Points to Remember

-A basic movement of the arm will do very little damage. To land the up elbow with authority, step in and use your entire body. Pop your hip into it, but avoid bringing your chin up, tuck your chin and brace your core.

Timing is everything. Whether it is close combat or the opponent running straight into it, judge your distance and attempt to step the elbow in simultaneously as your opponent moves forward.

-Keep your opposite hand up to defend yourself from any counters or incoming elbows. Remember not to muscle this movement, speed and timing will create the power needed for the knockout.


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