What Can You Expect From This Blog?

What Can You Expect From This Blog?

Finally here, the launch of my first website and second blog. I couldn’t be more excited to start this journey with you all. I have been training fighters and the general population for a couple years now, I have made my share of accomplishments with a number of inevitable mistakes. I research and practice fitness, nutrition, Muay Thai, and healthy living every hour on the hour, which is why I have created a source for you all to condense this information. Take my accomplishments and mistakes as a coach, as a personal trainer, and most importantly as a person, learn from them.. or just follow along, whatever is your cup o’tea.

Let’s keep things simple and to the point, just how I would like to keep the website and its content. Getting down to the brass tacks! In the first few months you can expect everything listed below. The content will be focused on:

-Fitness Blog Posts and Instructional Videos

-Nutritional Blog Posts and Information You Can Put Into Action

-Lifestyle Blog Posts

-Muay Thai Blog Posts and Instructional Videos

-Supplement Reviews

-Personal Experiences as a Personal Trainer, Fighter, and Muay Thai Instructor

-Guest Interviews and Informational Posts

-Links to Other Resources in Order to Supplement All of Your Hungry Needs


Welcome World! Today we begin forging our bodies and strengthening our minds.

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